Monday, December 12, 2016

Last tag of 12 days of Christmas Tags!

Wow, it's been 12 days! I can't believe I did it! So here's my last tag of the 12 days of Christmas tags. A puppy for Christmas, Surprise!

Drew the box and the puppy's head sticking out. Then painted the puppy with black and brown woodless color pencils. Colored the box red then colored the background in light blue, blue, and a little yellow. I didn't like how it looked so painted with a white wash of white acrylic paint. Went over the box with red acrylic paint. Painted the puppy with black, brown, and white paint. With Sakura red gel pen went around the box, and with brown gel pen drew around the puppy's head. Wrote with the brown gel pen, Surprise! With clear glitter pen drew around the box and the word. I added the box top on the side and drew a box around Surprise.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

11th Day of Christmas Tags

In the home stretch with 11th day of 12 days of Christmas tags. I did a winter scene with buttons hung on the tree like ornaments.

Gesso the tag then painted with light blue and white acrylic to make a sky. Drew a tree limb with branches and painted it with brown and black acrylic paint. Dabbed on texture paste then when it was dry, added white acrylic paint to look like snow. With a needle and thread, sewn on buttons hanging from the limbs of the tree. Highlighted the snow with Sakura glitter pen and wrote Love Peace and Joy with colored glitter pens.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

It's 10th day of 12 Days of Christmas Tags

I have to admit it getting pretty difficult thinking of ideas for these tags. Today's tag is a Christmas present with gold foil glued to the tag with Tim Holtz distress collage medium.

Cut silver ribbon and glued that to the tag. Made a really small tag and painted it gold with Golden iridescent. Made a bow with the silver ribbon and glued it in the middle of the tag and then glued the smaller tag with foam tape. Then wrote Love on the small tag with Faber-Castell black pitt pen.

Friday, December 9, 2016

9th Day of the 12 Days of Christmas Tags

So here we are on the 9th day of Christmas tags. Today I thought of old St Nick as my subject for this tag.

I drew an image of Santa Claus then for some reason gesso the tag which smeared the pencil drawing but I worked around that.

Next I painted his hat red and used texture paste to add dimension to the fur around the hat and the ball at the tip. Then I painted the fur rim of the hat white and the ball on the tip of the hat also. I then painted the background with light blue then red and toned it down with white acrylic paint. I did Santa's face last, drawing in his eyes and nose with a Faber-Castell black pitt pen. Painted his face with a mixture of white, red, brown acrylic paint, then went back with more white. Added red acrylic paint for his lips and rosy cheeks. For the sentiment I painted HO HO HO. I get so engrossed with the project that I forget to take photos of each step I did in the process.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

8th Day of Christmas Tags

It snowed last night and it was very chilly today, so it's a snow theme for this 8th tag in the 12 Days of Christmas tags.

Started out with putting gesso on the tag. I wanted a night scene so added blue, black and purple acrylic to the whole tag. Added metallic texture paste at the bottom of the tag for a shiny white ground for the snow people, I had to apply a few coats so it was more opaque. I cut out snow people caroling from last years Christmas card. Spattered some watered white acrylic paint  to look like snow and when it dried added the snow people.  I wrote "Let it snow" as my sentiment. Any acrylic would do though the texture paste is a Heidi Swapp brand.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

7th Day of the 12 Days of Christmas Tags

Over half way through this personal challenge of creating Christmas Tags. I gesso the tag then dribbled brilliant red acrylic paint with water and let it drip down the tag then did the same with sap green. I didn't think that was enough so did the same with Golden iridescent gold. I wrote 'Tis the Season with Sakura glitter gel pens, burgundy and gold and Sakura white gel pen. Placed a sticker of a Christmas tree with presents on the tag and then it was done. I couldn't find my phone while I was making it so there is just this one photo of the tag.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

6th Day if the 12 Days of Christmas Tags

I didn't realize how difficult this was going to be thinking up new ideas for Christmas tags. Well day 6 with 6 more to go. Cross your fingers that I'm going to make it to day 12.

Here is another simple tag, fireplace with stocking hung waiting for Santa Claus. I drew the fireplace with a pencil that outlined with a Faber-Castell black pitt pen.

Colored the bricks of the fireplace with crimson red prismacolor marker and added some dimension with a red Sharpie marker. Colored the mantel with Prismacolors sienna brown and dark umber. The hearth was light umber with Spanish orange. I wanted it to look like tile, I added some lines with Golden iridescent gold. I didn't like the look so painted the whole thing in the gold. Drew candles on the mantel and painted them gold. I blackened the inside of the fireplace and added logs on fire with red, yellow and blue colors. I had some stocking stickers that I put hanging from the mantel.

I wrote Stockings hung as my sentiment.

Monday, December 5, 2016

5th Day of 12 Days of Christmas tags.

Today I took an old Christmas card and cut out the birds that were on the front of it. I wanted to use Faber-Castell gelato but needed a smooth surface to manipulate the colors so I put distress collage medium from Tim Holtz on the tag. Then smeared on aqua dolce and silver ice onto the tag. I put two coats of those colors and white gesso, to give the illusion of a winter day. I laid the birds down on the card to see how I wanted them to go then pasted them down with a glue stick. I forgot to shade around the cut outs before gluing them so got out Derwent pastel pencils to use as shading. Then with a water barrel brush activated the pastel lines. I added some tree branches with Faber-Castell brown pitt pen and Prismacolor black brush tip marker. I also added color on the branches with red pastel pencil. To complete the scene I added snow with Heidi Swapp metallic texture paste.
I didn't take photos of all the steps, sorry.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

4th Day of the 12 Days of Christmas Tags

This 4th day was simple but elegant.

Sprayed the tag with Tim Holtz distress spray stains, abandoned coral and cracked pistachio. I tried to ghost with a Tim Holtz mini stencil but it didn't really work. To make circles I used the bottom of a plastic medicine measuring cup and dip it in Golden brand iridescent gold paint then with my finger filled in the circle.

I traced the globes with Sakura gelly roll non color glitter pen. Made the tops of the Christmas ornaments with Faber-Castell gelato, silver ice.

I didn't like the blandness of the color so traced again with the glitter pen. With gold glitter pen, drew that piece of metal on the ornament where it attaches to a ribbon or hanger. The sparkle doesn't show much in the photos, sorry to say.  I drew in the bow and string to make it look like it was hanging. I wrote Seasons Greeting with Faber-Castell Pitt pen in black.

I might not explain this well but you see what I mean.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

3rd day of the 12 Days of Christmas Tags

Today I made a simple tag with a Christmas tree and a pigeon with a string of lights wrapped around it.

First I gesso the tag then heat blast it then paint a light coat with Tim Holtz distress paints, salted ocean.  Then added more gesso to lighten up the blue.

I'm don't draw well but I decided to draw a Christmas tree then painted it with 3 shades of green; light green, sap green, and phthalo green. On card stock I drew a banner and wrote MERRY on the flags, using different colors of glitter gel pens for each flag. I also put non colored glitter gel pen around the flags and string. I used a Faber-Castell black Pitt pen to outline the Christmas tree. Finally I set the wrapped penguin next to the tree. The penguin is from my stash, I've had it a long time. It looks so cute!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Second day-12 Days of Christmas Tags

This the second day of Christmas Tags and I had to redo a tag today. You know how it is when you have an idea and as you progress the idea didn't pan out. I kept trying to make it work but no matter what I did, like spraying with Tim Hotlz distress sprays, adding gesso, using red and green paint, it looked dreadful!

For the second tag, I took a Christmas tissue paper and Mod Podge it on the tag also sealing ealing the surface of the tissue. I had some old stick-ons of snow people and did a Vicky Papaioannou with cutting out some white hills for the snow people to sit on. I cut some card stock into 2 curvy hill shapes and painted them white. After gluing them on the tag I placed the snow people on the hills. I then used some gel pens to accent the snow flakes on the tissue paper. I wrote Merry Christmas with a black Faber-Castell Pitt pen.
The simmer of the gel pens are difficult
to see.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

12 days of Christmas Tags

So today is December 1 and I thought it would be fun to share my 12 days of Christmas tags with everyone. Now I'm just a beginner so my tags aren't going to be as intricate as some other art journalist but these are going to be attached Christmas presents that will lend to a more polished look on the gift instead of store bought tags.

So I started out with a Manila colored tag, a Darice product that I picked up at Michael's. I put down some white gesso on the whole of the tag.

Next I painted it with two shades of green and yellow ochre. I blasted the tag with my heat tool then added some more of the acrylic paints. I really had no idea where I was going so let my muse take over with painting the whole tag with Golden iridescent gold paint. I liked the metallic look to the tag.

I had some old Christmas print craft paper so I fussy cut a poinsettia. I used a holly stencil that I used on a plain craft paper and using the same greens as the tag, then fussy cut them out and painted three holly berries too. I darkened the edges of the leaves and berries with Tim Holtz distress inks, pine needles and aged mahogany. Glued all down and I like it! Simple but nice for a holiday gift tag.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Stepping aside can let the muse in later.

I did a new technique for me on my art journal page. It's torn strips of paper that was on Mix Media Morsels 11 by Cat Hand. I had taken some Manila folder and printer paper that I painted with left overs from previous projects and tore them into irregular strips. Then glued down and covered the strips with matte finish Mod Podge. After it was dry I stamped with black archival inch with Tim Holtz mini stencil collection letters and numbers. Then I stopped, couldn't think what else to do so I stepped back and let it alone for a few weeks.

So then while looking through magazines, the muse hit me with an idea! I went to the computer for owl images, found one I liked, so I printed it out then fussy cut part of it. Drew some tree limbs and it looked good. I think owls are so adapted to their environment and so cool that I wrote what I thought about them on printer paper using black Pitt pen. Shadowed with walnut brown Pitt pen.

I believe you don't need to finish an art journal page in one day, sometimes stepping aside will let the muse in!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Copy doesn't make perfect! Dyan Reaveley's journal block technique.

Copying another artist work doesn't always go well. I didn't copy her work per say but a technique she used. I'm talking about Dyan Reaveley, and her use of the journal block. I don't have one but I make my own copy but cutting a manila folder as a template In Dyan's journal, she cuts the borders of a couple of pages with the block in graduating lengths.

As you can see I tried to be clever and didn't cut each page the same. There really isn't any theme to each page, I just let my muse take over.

 On this page I think I mainly used Tim Holtz distressed paints, twisted citron, fossilized amber, and mustard seed, and salty ocean. I used the butterfly stencil from Faber-Castell. Doodled with black and white Pitt pens. I also used some ordinary acrylic paints.

On this page the background is in Tim Holtz distress spray stain, cracked pistachio, mermaid lagoon, and abandoned coral. The pages didn't have a gesso prime on them so the sprays really absorbed into the paper. I also used Faber-Castell gelatos, blood orange from the Diner collection. To color in the branches and leaves, I used a brown Pitt pen, white and green gelly pens.

This is my favorite page with the background of Faber-Castell gelatos metallic(silver ice, iced rose, and squid ink) and Ranger's yellow liquid pearls.  For the ocean, I used various markers too. I need to write these down while I'm creating! I drew the fishing boat and the birds with a black Pitt pen. I love this page that I didn't have the heart to write on it.

This page was in honor of the Great American Brew Festival that is held every year in Denver, Colorado. I cut out images from a post card for GABF and their logo from the Internet. I had some business cards and stickers from those breweries and bottle caps lying around. I can't remember what I use for the background but I do know I used white gesso to prime the pages. I used Tim Holtz Ideology rubs, which I came to realize I don't like using them. It's really difficult to get the imaged rubbed right.  I stenciled the GABF with individual letters. Stamped with clear stamps from Inkadinkado. The stamps were on sale from the planner aisle at Michaels.

It turned out pretty good for trying our something new. I'm still new to art journaling so I try to keep track of the art supplies I used.