Friday, May 26, 2017

Beginner Art Journalist: May Mission Inspiration Challenge

In my last post, I told you that the Mike Deakin mission inspiration challenge was a little daunting for me well I decided to try it this month. I always struggle when facing an empty page so this is a way to start. It is difficult having to take every step and wonder what the composition well look like in the end.
Finished piece.
1. added composition paper.

3, 4, 5.  I added a teal color to the background
glued ribbon from a lanyard as a border,
and added 3 focal points, shoes, map,
 and the mountains.
6. bubble wrap and a toaster oven utensil
to make marks with titanium white paint.
2. I stamped book pages with butterflies
and flowers using archival ink.
7, 8. I add words for the month
and add cardboard strips. I added
gray paint to the cardboard
to balance the color.
I used the butterfly and flower stamps from these sets. And rummaged around to find these household utensils.

Beginner Art Journalist: Mini Mission Inspiration art challenge prompt cards

The mission inspiration is a monthly challenge with 10 prompts or steps which is the brain child of Mike Deakin. I find those monthly challenge to be very daunting but recently he came out with a mini challenge that gives a word prompt on an index card.  It is A to Z so in the end there will be 26 indexed cards. What I understand is these are to be indexed after each month so you'll have 26 cards to have when an idea for an art journal isn't forthcoming.

I decided to do each month's mini challenge on an 3" x 5" index card. For the letter A, the theme was Aquatic.
 Here's the prompt index card.
 I painted the background with Dylusion's paint London Blue with a blending tool.
 I added Dylusion's paint Cut Grass with a blending tool.
The background was a little to bright so I toned it down with Titanium White.
I drew half of a shark to give the illusion of it swimming through a reef, of sorts. I painted in sea grass, sea anemones, and a clam but I didn't take photos of the process, sorry. I also stamped some circles and flower shapes to the background to give some depth.