Friday, May 26, 2017

Beginner Art Journalist: Mini Mission Inspiration art challenge prompt cards

The mission inspiration is a monthly challenge with 10 prompts or steps which is the brain child of Mike Deakin. I find those monthly challenge to be very daunting but recently he came out with a mini challenge that gives a word prompt on an index card.  It is A to Z so in the end there will be 26 indexed cards. What I understand is these are to be indexed after each month so you'll have 26 cards to have when an idea for an art journal isn't forthcoming.

I decided to do each month's mini challenge on an 3" x 5" index card. For the letter A, the theme was Aquatic.
 Here's the prompt index card.
 I painted the background with Dylusion's paint London Blue with a blending tool.
 I added Dylusion's paint Cut Grass with a blending tool.
The background was a little to bright so I toned it down with Titanium White.
I drew half of a shark to give the illusion of it swimming through a reef, of sorts. I painted in sea grass, sea anemones, and a clam but I didn't take photos of the process, sorry. I also stamped some circles and flower shapes to the background to give some depth.

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