Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Stepping aside can let the muse in later.

I did a new technique for me on my art journal page. It's torn strips of paper that was on Mix Media Morsels 11 by Cat Hand. I had taken some Manila folder and printer paper that I painted with left overs from previous projects and tore them into irregular strips. Then glued down and covered the strips with matte finish Mod Podge. After it was dry I stamped with black archival inch with Tim Holtz mini stencil collection letters and numbers. Then I stopped, couldn't think what else to do so I stepped back and let it alone for a few weeks.

So then while looking through magazines, the muse hit me with an idea! I went to the computer for owl images, found one I liked, so I printed it out then fussy cut part of it. Drew some tree limbs and it looked good. I think owls are so adapted to their environment and so cool that I wrote what I thought about them on printer paper using black Pitt pen. Shadowed with walnut brown Pitt pen.

I believe you don't need to finish an art journal page in one day, sometimes stepping aside will let the muse in!

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